Make life easier by becoming a member of Contour Club!
Members receive pre-selected treatments for each month, helping maintain a healthy look and fantastic figure all year long!

*Each club membership has a 6 month mandatory minimum*

Young Woman with Freckles

$50 a month

1 Chemical Peel

1 Anti Aging Serum

$75 a month

4 Cellulite Treatments

Skin Tightening & Radial Pulse

2 EMS Treatments


$149 a month

3 Cellulite Treatments

3 Cavitation Treatments

1 CRYOSKIN Treatment

Swimsuit Model

$65 a month

2 Butt Lifts

1 Breast lifts

2 Skin Tightening (RF) Treatments

Woman in Underwear

$99 a month

4 Cellulite Treatments

Radial Pulse Therapy & RF

4 Cavitation Treatments

cryoskin image.jpg

$499 a month

2 CRYOSKIN Treatments

4 Cavitation Treatments