Vanquish ME

While both treatments end up doing functionally the same thing to your fat, they go about it in very different ways. Cryoskin targets fat cells by freezing them until they crystallize. Those cells are them metabolized by your liver.

And whereas Cryoskin creates a cold, numbing sensation around the treatment area, Banish feels like a heating pad—the technology heats fat cells to a temperature of 120 degrees and melts them. The cells are then processed by the lymphatic system.

An additional benefit of Banish? The heat creates a skin tightening effect, which is great news for anyone looking to sculpt or minimize loose skin.

Neither Banish nor Cryoskin require very much in the way of downtime or recovery. Since the Banish device doesn’t come into aggressive contact with the skin, it doesn’t cause side effects other than some slight pinkness around the treated area.

The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases in the target tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from reaching high temperatures.


The device uses radiofrequency energy to heat the fat layer below the skin, causing fat-cell death, a process called apoptosis. Over the next several weeks and months, your body naturally purges the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system. 


This device will emit radiofrequency energy that will pass through the surface of your skin and affect your fat cells. As this energy gently heats your target area, the surface of your skin will reach a temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the fat cells in your target area will be heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vanquish ME uses radiofrequency energy in an adjustable panel that hovers over the targeted area of unwanted fat.  Radiofrequency energy from the Vanquish ME device is specially tuned to target fat cells.  The energy passes easily through the skin but has a harder time getting through the fat.  The energy collection in the fat causes heating of adipocytes (fat cells), leading to thermal damage that causes a natural, controlled form of cell death termed “apoptosis.”   The elimination of fat cells leads to a decreased thickness of the fat layer in the area of Vanquish ME treatment.


Radiofrequency is a special form of electricity.  Radiofrequency is used extensively in dermatology and cosmetic surgery to target certain layers of the skin to help with skin tightening, collagen regeneration, and now deep tissue heating and fat elimination.

How should I prepare for Banish treatment?

All metal jewelry should be removed from the treatment area.

In the 1-2 days prior to treatment, clients are requested to stay well hydrated.  Clients should continue to drink appropriate amounts of water through the treatment day and even the day afterwards.  Water helps to hydrate the skin.  This allows the radiofrequency energy from Banish to travel easily through the skin and target the fat layer more effectively.

Clients should avoid dehydrating activities in the couple of days prior to treatment.  This would include high-intensity, high-perspiration activities such as extensive aerobics, physical training, or hot yoga.  Clients should also avoid excessive alcohol intake prior to Banish as this can have a dehydrating effect on the body.