The Aqua Hydration Pod is the first revolutionary whole body wellness pod system that provides the skin surface with deep heat and steam infused with topical, soothing moisture, water proteins, and liquid vitamin solutions.

Deep Moisture & Nourishment
Ideal for Improving Skin Tone & Health
-- Full-body vitamin boost
-- Enhances the life of your skin
-- Keeps your skin feeling hydrated & “baby soft”
Helps Eliminate Excess Fluid
Ideal for Holistic Perspiration
-- Helps to naturally cleanse the body
-- Raises body temperature to perspire
-- Improves the tone and texture of your skin
Smooth & Tone
Ideal for Naturally Glowing Skin
-- Improves tone and texture of your skin
-- Recharges and energizes the body
-- Beautiful smooth skin
Weight Management
Transform Your Body
Ideal for Assisting Weight Loss Goals
-- Burns calories
-- Improves endurance, toning & firming
-- Hydrates the body & conditions your skin

Every Pod session includes a variety of exciting liquid-vitamin Oxygen Science™ concentrates. These concentrates are steam and IR-infused to topically delight the body. Each concentrate includes a specific blend of wellness-friendly natural ingredients.


  • Hydrate/Aloe Concentrate Soothing blend of cooling aloe, cucumber & melon.

  • Cleanse/Mineral Melanin Concentrate Fusion of chamomile, geranium and lavender.

  • Bright n Luminous Concentrate Energizing blend of citrus, green tea and chamomile.

  • E & C Concentrate Rich, fragrant concoction of oils derived from vitamin-rich citrus fruit.

  • Weight Management /CoQ™ Concentrate Invigorating cocktail of pomegranate & white tea extracts.

  • Halo Science™ Premium Salt Ceuticals Refreshing blend of pure Himalayan salt solution & lavender essential oil for air purification & ultimate relaxation.


A gentle flow of steam pampers you, promoting essential nutrient & liquid vitamin absorption for natural “beauty booster.” By heating with infrared & hydrating the skin, steam gently restores balance, leaving skin fresh, clean and glowing.

Aqua Hydration pod

3 month membership $349

6 month membership $299

12 month membership $259

Unlimited Multi Pod Membership

Monthly membership $379

(3-month commitment)

$349 (6-month commitment)

$299 (12-month commitment)